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Storytelling Season: McGuffin Festivalet
02/05/2016 - blog

  Weather is crazy: one day we go to Summer, and the day after, it seems we go back to winter. You don’t know in which season are you: time for t-shirt or coat, for a hot chocolate or a refreshing orchata. But one thing is certain: it is storytelling season. Popping up like a mushroom, thanks to much rain, a bit of sun, and a group of people who love stories, tomorrow a little storytelling festival begins: McGuffin Festivalet. From the 3rd Mai until the 18th June, McGuffin Festivalet, under the name of Temps de contes (Storytelling season) will gather 54 ...


Storytelling in Belgium
27/04/2016 - blog

After two months of medical leave, I was looking forward to a storytelling trip. I went last Monday, and after promising that I would be a good girl (no running, no lifting weight, no making efforts), I boarded a plane to Brussels, on the way to the International Storytelling Festival from Alden Biesen. Monday 18th April It is not easy to reach the castle of Alden Biesen: not many direct trains arrive to Bilzen, the nearest town, and the buses in constant delay in an airport that is still struggling to recover normal operations after the terrible attacks on the 22th ...


04/02/2016 - blog

This year the weather is crazy: winter just passed by, and the rain too. This reminds me a story inspired by the Aztec myth from Tlaloc which I’ve retold for Tantágora, magazine from oral literature in digital format, that you can read here  (in Spanish), illustrated by Vinicius Marquet.

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A story for 2016
26/01/2016 - blog

Five years ago I published in my first blog post of the year a short folktale as a way of wishing a happy new year to all followers and visitors from this blog, and I kept doing it until last December, when suddenly, I discovered that my website (and the blog included) had disappeared in the virtual space. The hosting company vanished, and with it, all the hosted websites, leaving behind a lot of angry users. The funny thing is that this happened in 2009: my website has been working until this December 2015, when while performing a domain migration, the website ...


The Boy Who Drew Cats
17/11/2015 - blog

«Long long ago there lived a poor farmer and his wife with many children. As soon as one of their children was as tall as a hoe, they sent him to work in the fields. But they had a little child. Soo little that he didn’t reach a hoe, and their parents didn’t know what to do with him…» Folktales are full of children facing thousand and one dangers. Here they are one, two, three stories, or more. For little, middle and big ones. The Boy Who Drew Cats and Other Stories storytelling: Susana Tornero Friday 20th November at 18h up to 4 years performance in ...


Tibetan Folktales in Igualada
13/11/2015 - blog

The performances of the 13th, 14th and 15th November at «Dit i Dit, espai de paraula» have been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone is still eager to listen this Tales of the Golden Corpse, you’ll still have a last chance next 19th November at 21h, at the Teatre de l’Aurora (Igualada). Tales of the Golden Corpse (Tibetan folktales) Susana Tornero Thursday 19th November at 21h Performance in Catalan Duration: Around 1h Fee: 7 € / 5,50 € Teatre de l’Aurora Sala Les Golfes C/ de l’Aurora, 80 (Plaça de Cal Font) 08700 Igualada ...


More magic Folktales
05/11/2015 - blog

More magic folktales. This time in the Library of Vilapicina-Torre Llobeta. See you there in a week! Susana Tornero – Magic Folktales in the Empordà Dialect From 4 years Free entrance In collaboration with ANIN Thursday 12th November at 18h Biblioteca Vilapicina i Torre Llobeta Plaça Carmen Laforet, 11 Metro: Maragall (L4)(L5) Bus: 19, 26, 32, 45, 47, 50, 51, 71, 122, H6


The story within the story
24/10/2015 - blog

Ten years ago, on an autumn Saturday, I entered a bookshop to kill time waiting for the train and I found the book El sembrador de oro y otros cuentos del Tíbet, from Iñaki Preciado. Thanks to this book I discovered the stories told by a wondrous corpse, a wonderful frame tale, in the style of Arabian Nights, very well know in the Tibetan culture. The book contained some of the folktales told by the corpse, but without revealing the end of the frame tale. I could not help but searching the end of that story. Little by little, the search became the storytelling session ...


Stories on the Seashore
17/10/2015 - blog

For those who were at the workshop Anem a fer xarxa! and for those who couldn’t come. For the people from the neighbourhood, or for any passerby who wants to join in. For fishermen from seawater, freshwater, or tap water… Next Wednesday we will be at La Casa de la Barceloneta with stories, sayings and songs with the taste of the sea. See you there! Stories on the Seashore Wednesday 21th October, from 18 to 20h La Casa de la Barceloneta 1761 C/ Sant Carles, 6, Barcelona Metro: Barceloneta Bus: 39, 45, 64, V15


Magic Folktales
29/09/2015 - blog

Magic folktales for little, middle and big ones. To keep them or take them away as you wish.Susana Tornero – Magic Folktales in the Empordà Dialect From 4 years Free entrance In collaboration with ANIN Tuesday 6th October at 18h Biblioteca Canyelles Ronda de la Guineueta Vella, 34 Metro: Canyelles (L3) Bus: 27, 47 i 71