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Night of Words
08/09/2015 - blog

Mi sabir un favola. Vos autros querir sentir? Still with the warmth of the good reception of the story “Zuppa da pietra” told in Sabir in the 13th Kea Folktale Festival (Greece), the land and sea ship heads to Molins de Rei. We are invited to the local festival, that will be very soon, so we will disembark in their library, with a shipment of music and stories. Si ti querir, venir…Sabir, sabir Folktales and music from the Mediterranean and beyond Storytelling: Susana Tornero Music: Yerko Fuenzalida Tuesday 22th September at 20h Storytelling session ...

Dibujo realizado por Helena Cuesta para homonarrans

25/08/2015 - blog

August is about to end, and I have not finished yet my Latvian and Greek chronicles, I am afraid I’ve been abducted by the summer holiday rhythm. But I have a surprise for you: homonarrans. A website I had the pleasure to collaborate, a real homage to storytelling in all forms, an idea dreamed and created by José Manuel de Prada-Samper, Helena Cuesta and Ignasi Potrony, with whom it is a pleasure to share stories, projects and discoveries. I won’t say more and leave to you the pleasure to discover this website by yourselves. You can browse it in English, ...


From North to South
11/07/2015 - blog

I am preparing the storytelling suitcase: For the north, some warm clothing, as the 16th July I am telling stories at Baltica Festival 2015, which this year takes place in Latvia. For the north, a hut and a fan, because the 19th to 22nd July I will participate as ANIN representative at the FEST (Federation of European Storytelling) Conference 2015 and the Storytelling Festival in Kea, Greece. And stories for everyone. I’ll tell you about when I come back…


FEST 2015: Logbook Summary
10/07/2015 - blog

This year, in order to prepare the participation of ANIN (Associació de Narradores i Narradors) in the FEST Annual Conference, the FEST Team from ANIN (composed by Patricia McGill, Sophie Heydel and myself) wanted to spread and highlight more the FEST to all ANIN members. We wanted to find a way of arousing the curiosity and the desire of knowing more about what is happening in this European meeting of storytellers. Above all, we wanted to emphasise what is the most important thing from FEST conferences for us: the fact of the meeting in itself, to gather and make ...


Storytelling evening at Olokuti
04/07/2015 - blog

7 years ago Ignasi Potrony proposed me to tell stories at Olokuti’s yard, and we have been there every year since then: it has become a summer classic. This year, following the custom, you’ll find us there some Mondays of July, August and September. We wait there, in the fresh air… Storytelling evenings at Olokuti’s yard Monday every 15 days at 19h 13th July, Ignasi Potrony 27th July, Ignasi Potrony y Susana Tornero (Tàándem) 10th August, Susana Tornero and Ignasi Potrony (Tàándem) 24th August, Ignasi Potrony and Susana Tornero (Tàándem) 7th September, Susana Tornero ...


Day of Music with the Family
19/06/2015 - blog

I’ve always liked to add songs, rhythms and all kind of noises to stories. I think it’s something that runs in the family, and I am glad I can’t help it. On Sunday 28th June, in the afternoon, I will have the perfect excuse for this. Within the Pedralbes Music Festival they organize the «Day of Music with the Family», and the gardens of Pedralbes Palace will be full of activities and workshops related to music, so that little ones, middle ones and big ones will enjoy music together. You will find me there, in the bamboo forest, where we’ll tell, sing and dance stories ...


FEST 2015: Logbook 4
14/06/2015 - blog

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More sabir
31/05/2015 - blog

To see people marvelling at folktales, at the music of the kora and the lyre, to see them leaving the show speaking some words in Sabir, or even inventing new ones, it’s a gift. And if they write you a review like this (in Catalan), it is a real pleasure. The word “pleasure” is “contento” in Sabir, as well as “piachere”, because Sabir is a melting pot which likes to offer more than one possibility. Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will go on our Mediterranean trip through Sabir. Si ti querir, venir… Sabir, sabir Folktales ...


FEST 2015: Logbook 3
22/05/2015 - blog

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FEST 2015: Logbook 2
14/05/2015 - blog

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