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Performance cancelled
16/10/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano Unfortunately the storytelling session programmed for next Sunday 18th at 12 at the Pedralbes Monastery has been cancelled. I hope to be inform you soon about a new performance date. Here there is a little story as a way of apology. Good night and good stories… They say there was a little sparrow that when there was a storm, it used to lie on the ground and raise its little legs to the sky. ―What are you doing? ―asked the fox. ―I try to protect the Earth and all the creatures which live in it! ―answered the sparrow ―. If the sky ...

october stories
11/10/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano Today the Tramontana is visiting us, the perfect match for doing the laundry. While I see my clothes dry by blowing in the wind, I tune my kokle and let my folktales to get a bit of fresh air for next Sunday’s performance at the Pedralbes Monastery: stories of washerwomen which remind us how hard it was to wash clothes by hand, and makes me think how much things have change since my grandmother’s days. On that occasion, due to the new normality, it will also not be possible to tell the stories at the so-called ...

september stories
24/09/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano Sometimes clouds obscure the landscape hiding everything else from our sight. Luckily the tramuntana wind sends all these clouds away, discovering again the landscape. It is just a matter of time, as the prisoner in Constantinople says, on the folktale that will substitute virtually my presence on the Festival EVA, En Veu Alta, of this year. It is so important to remind audiences that there is plenty of brave artist trying to take forward many good cultural projects like this one, adapting to the situation with lots of ...

Cervantes tells
23/07/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano These days in my town we had to go back to confinement due to a discrete covid-19 outbreak which put us on the map and forced us to cancel all activities programmed for the Summer World Book Day, a sort of rescue operation of the 23rd April for the publishing sector, already very affected by the crisis. The cancellation of all activities devoted to books upsets me not only because it indicates the little consideration given to culture in the balance comparing with the crowded beaches and bars, but also because after some days of ...

change of time
19/05/2020 - blog

The storytelling performance programmed tomorrow Wednesday 20th won’t be at 11h, but at 12h. You can enter the instagram channel here: Sorry for the inconvenience!

the journey
13/05/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano Sorry for this long silence. As in many folktales, I had to undertake a journey and overcome many obstacles. It was not an easy job, but fortunately, on my way I met many extraordinary beings which helped me with advice, gifts, magic objects or good company, whether near or far. Thanks to them and to my faith in marvel, finally a couple of weeks ago I arrived to the right place at the right time, like the snail to the cherries (you can read the story here). This situation reminded me a past experience at Library Poble Sec ...

tales over the phone
14/03/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano On Thursday I performed a tour of stories and songs related with trees from the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona, which allowed us to travel safely around the world and forget the virus that in a few days has changed our lives in so many ways. But as you can imagine, the rest of activities that I annouced you in the previous blog entry have been postponed until further notice due to the health alarm. This weekend I wanted to visit the family, but it is time to be responsible not only for oneself, but for the others, and to stay at ...

march stories
01/03/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano For some time meteorological spring visits us ahead of time. But astronomical spring, on the equinox, when night equals day, keeps on the 21st March. It seems a good idea to celebrate a new year at this point, as people in Persia and other regions in Central Asia do, doing spring cleaning and germinating seed of wheat and lentils. In my case I felt the urge to make laundries with homemade soap and plant sunflowers, tomatoes and basil, and I see them already sprouting and stretching under the sun, as well as some stories that ...

february stories
01/02/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano February it is famous for being the coldest month here, but also when the almond tree flourishes, but who knows what has the climate change in store for us. To date, it begins with a challenge: I will go to the forests to accompany with my folktales a group of high school students which have chosen to devote their community service hours to the Coastal mountain range Natural Park. The forest rangers are overwhelmed with the damages resulting from the storm Gloria, so we will focus on myths of origin about weather, in the hope ...

january stories
12/01/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català Léeme en Castellano Last Friday the Moon delighted us with a splendid penumbral eclipse. Moon eclipses are discreet (and penumbral ones even more), but not less mysterious: if you looked at it with the sense of wonder, you could appreciated more activity than usual on the side of the moon, as if all characters that have been observed by different cultures from around the world had gathered to celebrate their own party: in some European countries we see a woodcutter, while the Samoans see a woman; in China and Mexico, a hare or a rabbit; in Brazil, ...