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at the beginning of time

05/06/2018 - blog

At the beginning of time, the first human beings asked themselves questions, and some of their answers have reached us in the shape of myths and folktales.

Next Sunday, at the Science Festival, we will listen stories from different peoples and cultures of the world where ecology, sustainability and biodiversity is very present, as it already existed long before occidental civilization put a name on it. Exactly at the beginning of time, as the ancient people will say.

12th Science Festival (see all programme here)
Sunday, 10th June
At the beginning of all times
Time: 16:15h, 16:50h and 17:25h
(20-minute performances)
Folktales (+7 years) in Catalan
Free entrance
Ciutadella Parc
Library (in front of the umbraculum)
Passeig Picasso 21
Metro/Train: Arc de Triomf
Bus: H16, H14
Tram: T4

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