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)babel( 0.1 – stories and languages

17/11/2017 - blog

How can a storyteller present stories to an audience from a different language? It is possible to make disappear the «translator’s» role? What happens when more than two languages come into play? And with more than two storytellers? How can this enrich our artwork?  How it will be received by a monolingual, bilingual, multilingual… audience? Do any formulas or recipes exist which can be explored or applied in our usual storytelling context? It may open storytelling to other areas? Is multilingual storytelling a world of possibilities, or just an utopia?

These questions and many others are fostering )babel( 0.1, a laboratory born thanks to the collaboration of different storytelling associations (APACMANOAEDA and ANIN), a network of people that has combined enthusiasm, effort and illusion to gather in Barcelona the 24th and 25th November a group of storytellers from different languages and cultures to explore multilingual storytelling and reflect on it.

UK_babel_RoundtableWe don’t know if we will get answers or will just gather more questions. Anything can happen, and maybe this is the most exciting: maybe the mere fact of taking the risk of sharing, experiencing and imagining together is worthwhile enough.

On Saturday 25th at 17:30h you are all welcome to listen and give your opinion. We look for attentive ears for a little sample of multilingual storytelling, and a roundtable in order to go deeper on this topic from different perspectives. We are waiting for you all!



)babel( 0.1 stories and languages
17:30h Multilingual stories
18:30h Roundtable
Centre Cívic Pati Llimona
C/ del Regomir, 3
08002 Barcelona
Metro: Jaume I (L4), Liceu (L3)
Bus: 45, V15, V17
Free entrance – Limited seats

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