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22/11/2016 - blog

A couple of years ago, by the end of November, in the town of Montcada i Reixac they invite me to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day telling stories.

And it is a real pleasure, as I always find hidden treasures in the bookshelves of the two libraries in town before beginning with the stories.

This year I will bring stories that were told at the end of the day, around the fire. Or under the starlight, watching the fields during the harvest. Or maybe under the shadow of our big brothers, the trees.

Next Wednesday 30th I will tell them at Elisenda de Montcada Library, and everyone would be welcome to listen to them, take them home and tell them again.

And maybe there will be time for me to tell one of the stories that the books from Can Sant Joan Library told me there last year, by the end of November.

Folktales and folksongs from Europe (or not)
Storytelling session in Catalan
family audience (+6 years)
Wednesday 30th November at 18h

Elisenda de Montcada Library
C/ Tarragona, 32
Montcada i Reixac

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