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Cherries for everyone

30/12/2010 - blog

In order to say farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011, here you have a little folktale I read on The Circle of Liars. In spite of what Jean-Claude Carrière says, I think that the main character is not a Japanese snail, but from the Alt Empordà, which is nothing surprising, as stories can jump easily from one continent to another…

A Japanese snail was climbing slowly a cherry tree. It was February, or maybe March. The snail met a cricket who said:

«Where are you going? It is not the season for cherries! You won’t find any cherries on the top that tree!»

«When I will reach the top, cherries will be there, too.» replied the snail without stopping.

I hope that 2011 would have for you the best cherries in store.

One response to “Cherries for everyone”

  1. Eva says:

    ¡Ja, ja, qué bueno! Muchas gracias por compartilo, y feliz 2011 a ti también. Un besazo,