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03/12/2019 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català
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Last Saturday I went to plant trees at the Natural Parc Montnegre Corredor with the Natural Parc Volunteering Circle: it was the right moment, with humid soil and pleasant weather. All together we planted 378 trees, if I remember rightly, mostly pine trees, and some walnut trees as well. We let them there, growing happily, caressed by the sun. Autumn is the best moment for planting trees in the forest.

And this month I will go on planting, this time folktales from my new bimbirimboo storytelling session, and make them grow with the audience, as it happened with the first three stories of this collection: it was not before having told them hundreds of times that we transformed them with Maribel in a written and painted story, so you can read them aloud and transform them further. You can find the first three stories at our online shop bimbirimboo, and you can order the kamishibai sheets with customised measures as well.

And as we are talking about trees, if you want to know why there are not trees in Greenland, you may find it out this Thursday, or next Wednesday, because one of the new stories hiding in my travelling kamishibai is an Inuit folktale that I listened from Francesc Bailon, a brilliant anthropologist and traveller that knows well the Inuit people, and you may find the answer in that story.

Thursday 5th December at 18h
Bimbirimboo… more stories with kamishibai
Biblioteca Sofia Barat
C/Girona, 64-68 (inside square block)
Metro: Pl. Tetuan (L2), Girona (L4)
Bus: 6, 7, 19, 47, 50, 51, 54, 62, H10, H12

Wednesday 11th December at 17:30h
Bimbirimboo… more stories with kamishibai
Biblioteca Collserola Josep Miracle
C/ Reis Catòlics, 16-34
FGC: Peu Funicular + Vallvidrera superior
Bus: 128

Illustration: ©Maribel Tornero

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