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The story within the story

24/10/2015 - blog

Ten years ago, on an autumn Saturday, I entered a bookshop to kill time waiting for the train and I found the book El sembrador de oro y otros cuentos del Tíbet, from Iñaki Preciado. Thanks to this book I discovered the stories told by a wondrous corpse, a wonderful frame tale, in the style of Arabian Nights, very well know in the Tibetan culture. The book contained some of the folktales told by the corpse, but without revealing the end of the frame tale. I could not help but searching the end of that story.

Little by little, the search became the storytelling session «Tales of the Golden Corpse», released in 2007 at The House of Tibet, and since then, these stories have been travelling with me, because from time to time, they want to be told. The occasion is coming: on the 6th, 7th and 8th, as well as the 13th, 14th and 15th November I will be in «Dit i Dit, espai de paraula», a new place in an emblematic property traditionally committed with oral storytelling, telling to anyone who would like to listen to these folktales from «the roof of the world» that are still fascinating me as much as the first day, ten years ago.

Susana Tornero
Tales of the Golden Corpse
Performance in Catalan
Duration: Around 1h
Fee: 12 €
Booking at 9 € with Atrápalo, by email ( or phone (607 780 402)
Dit i dit, espai de paraula
The House of Stories
C/ Ramon y Cajal, 35, Gracia
Metro: Joanic (L4),  Fontana (L3)
Bus: 114, 39

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