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18/12/2018 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català
Léeme en Castellano

The Cherokee people say that once upon a time a sparrow with a wounded wing couldn’t follow his family flying to the south and had to spend the winter in the freezing forest. The little sparrow asked for shelter to many trees, and all of them rejected him, except the pine tree, who said: “I don’t know if my leaves will do you much good, they are as thin as needles, but it is all I can offer you”. Thanks to the pine tree, the sparrow survived the cold winter, and since then, all trees lose their leaves when winter arrives, except this tree with thin leaves and generous heart.

Mad of pinewood is also the travelling kamishibai who shelters from bad weather bimbirimboo’s illustrations. You will see it the next 28th December at the presentation at Calmot Bookshop in Girona. You can also find the stories at different bookshops from Barcelona, like Casa Anita and Llibreria Al·lots. And if it is too far for you, you can also buy them through tictail, or you can order them to me personally.

I would also like to wish you very a peaceful festive season full of stories!

Friday 28th December, 12h
presentation of bimbirimboo’s collection
and storytelling sample of kamishibai stories
in Catalan (+4 years)
storytelling: Susana Tornero
illustration: Maribel Tornero
Llibreria Calmot
C/ de les Hortes, 4

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