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Festival of Storytelling in 8 languages

28/03/2018 - blog

Languages live in me in a happy hodgepodge. Sometimes it is hard to remember in which language I spoke, felt, dreamt… It may seem complicated, but I don’t see it as a problem, but as a celebration.

And celebrations are much better together: next week I am going to Belfast to participate at the Festival of Storytelling in 8 Languages, in the frame of a research project at Queens’ University of Belfast. On Friday, at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (Cultra) 5 bilingual storytellers will tell in our own languages in front of an audience willing to listen sonorities from far and near. There is a spirit of sharing and experiencing in the air.

The funny thing is that this days some people asked me how many times did I visit the Emerald Isle, and they were surprised to know that I have never been there. Well, not in real life. But in my dreams,  many times. When I come back I’ll tell you if what I lived is closed to what I dreamt.

Festival of Storytelling in 8 languages
Friday 6th April, from 13 to 16h
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
153 Bangor Road, BT18 0EU Holywood

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