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Happy 2018

30/12/2017 - blog

Following a tradition initiated 8 years ago, here is the first story of 2018, with my best wishes for everyone.

It is a beautiful myth told by the Lacandon spiritual leader Chan’Kin Viejo, and collected by Ignacio Abella in El gran árbol de la humanidad – Leyendas y arte primitivo sobre los árboles en la creación del mundo, a wonderful book that brings us closer to our tallest brothers, the trees.

Hachakyum was the first God to came down to the earth to create the world.(…)
The first he did was the Sky and the stars.
The Earth was dark.
He did the stars with sand, and he planted them, saying:
«The roots of the stars are the roots of the trees.
The trees are planted with them.
When a tree falls down, a star will fall from the Sky.»
And when he finished to make the stars, there was light in the darkness.

I wonder you a happy 2018 full of stories under the shade of the trees and in the starlight.

One response to “Happy 2018”

  1. Pep Duran says:

    Gràcies, el cel i la terra, els estels i les arrels,tot parla de la realitat que percibim en l’existència. A través del mite hem intentat explicar aquesta existència.

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