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Happy 2020

31/12/2019 - blog

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Following the tradition, here you have the first folktale of the year. I took the picture in Kerala many years ago, ignoring that I was witnessing a wonder tale. By the way, I apologize in advance if case you have received it twice; I guess technology is not as accurate as genies.

There was a fisherman that hooked a lamp and, rubbing it, a genie appeared and said:
«Thanks for releasing me, make three wishes and they will come true. So what’s your first wish?»
«I would like you to make me smarter when choosing the other two wishes,»  answered the fisherman.
«Done»,  said the genie. «And what is your second wish?»
The fisherman thought for a while, and said with a smile:
«Thanks, I do not wish for anything else.»

 I wish you a happy 2020 full of wonder

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