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Happy 2021

30/12/2020 - blog

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On this day ten years ago I began the tradition of greeting all my blog subscribers a happy new year with a little folktale.

This time it has been really difficult, as we all had to endure a difficult time. But after reading lots of stories, and dreaming them as well, I think I found a suitable one, mixing different versions of it and retelling at my own way.

The picture is a beech forest I visited with a friend 3 years ago, that is on the 3rd BC (Before Coronavirus), when we were still able to travel freely.

I remember I was really impressed by all these trees that, in spite of their apparently stillness from our eyes, through their roots they are feeding, helping, protecting each other, maybe even they whisper each other stories like this one:

A folktale in Middle East says there was an old man who wanted to leave to his family as legacy something that will comfort them at any situation in life, so he went to see a wise woman who lived in a beech forest. After listening carefully, she told him to give them a simple ring, with no ornamentation except the following inscription inside: «This too shall pass». His offspring should read the inscription in difficult times, to feel comforted, as well as in happy moments, to enjoy them fully.

And so they did and learnt to appreciate life with all its lights and shadows, and the ring passed from one hand to another, until frequent use erased the words and were forgotten.

Fortunately, we still have the folktale, that I have retold to you in my own words to wish you the best for this new year that may bring us uncertainty, but also hope.

Happy 2021

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