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A story for 2023: the sparrow and the sky

31/12/2022 - blog

This year, as I see I’ve been very little on my blog, it seems as if I had totally forgotten stories. However, although I had not time to write about it yet, I had the luck of being part of a Creative residency in Sigüenza and working under the guidance of Pepito Mateo with six storytellers from different parts of Europe for the creation of a collective performance within the project of the European Network of Storytelling Towns. Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Chevilly-La Rue and next year Bratislava and Italy, are the different stops of this performance that has grown and evolved according to the audience and the participants, and has become for me a great learning experience both professionally and personally. In spite of being almost the only project I have been able to combine with my actual work, it has helped me to keep the light of stories alive in my actual life. Because any effort counts, as it says to me the little sparrow from the tale I have chosen you for welcoming the year 2023, but I’ll be glad to know what is saying to you, as every tale talks differently to each person, that’s the magic. If you decide to tell me, I’ll be glad to read you or listen to you.

The sparrow and the sky

They say that once upon a time, when thunder roared, there was a little sparrow that stretched itself on the ground and raised its legs to the sky.

«What are you doing?» asked the fox.

«I am trying to protect the Earth and all her living beings!», answered the sparrow. «If the sky falls down suddenly, what a big disgrace! So I raise my legs to hold the sky.»

«And do you want to hold the big sky with such sickly little legs?» asked the fox, laughing at it.

«Down here everyone has his own sky», replied the sparrow, «and his own way of holding it».

Good year and good stories!

Adapted from the book “The Circle of Liars” from Jean-Claude Carrière

Image from PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay

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