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12/01/2020 - blog

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Last Friday the Moon delighted us with a splendid penumbral eclipse. Moon eclipses are discreet (and penumbral ones even more), but not less mysterious: if you looked at it with the sense of wonder, you could appreciated more activity than usual on the side of the moon, as if all characters that have been observed by different cultures from around the world had gathered to celebrate their own party: in some European countries we see a woodcutter, while the Samoans see a woman; in China and Mexico, a hare or a rabbit; in Brazil, Saint Georges killing the dragon… And the Salish people from the Pacific Coast of Northern America see a toad that escaped from wolf, an insistent pretender, and this is why wolf howls to the moon every night.

I didn’t find out about the eclipse through the internet or TV, but thanks to The ALMANAC a seasonal guide to 2020, by Lia Leendertz, a delicious book that I received as a present from a friend who lives in a cold and distant land. It allows you to know about all free performances that nature offers you: eclipses and meteor showers, rise and set times of Sun, Moon and the rest of the planets, the coming and going of tides, and also other curiosities like the best moment for fishing or sowing, seasonal fishes and vegetables, songs, cooking recipes and even a «charm of the month», often connected to a current whose actual meaning we have already forgotten. I am delighted with such a present which will allow me to enjoy more the nature’s cycles.

By the way, it says that the moon of this month in the British Islands is called Wolf Moon or Stay Home Moon, and I leave the meaning to your imagination…

This month indeed I begin a project that, like the moon, has a cyclic, circular character. Long ago I was wishing to create a stories’ circle in the Scottish stile, based in the direct practice of listening and telling stories, and thanks to the Les Roquetes Library, the Ton i Guida Cultural Centre from Nou Barris district, and a group of neighbours that love stories, next Tuesday 21st of January at seven, on the 3rd quarter to new moon, we will set it in motion. Everyone wishing to listen or tell stories, and talk about them will be welcomed. You can already register on the library.

Tuesday 21st January at 19h
folktales from the neighbourhood
free activity, previous registration:
Les Roquetes Library
Via Favència, 288-B
08042 – Barcelona
Metro: Les Roquetes (L3), Via Júlia (L4)
Bus: 11, 12, 27, 32, 50, 51, 60, 80, 81, 127

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