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Museum Night: word of mouth stories

15/05/2016 - blog

I remember that, some years ago, when we use to go around the world in 80 folktales at the Ethnological Museum of Barcelona, before closed its doors for renovation, I liked to begin the tour in the museum’s reserve, in the basement. It was for me the perfect place to speak to the children about tangible heritage, all these mysterious items that surrounded us, and intangible heritage, stories, that children could take home, if they wanted to.

Around us rose up, building dark corridors, cabinets with glass windows full of marvellous objects, waiting the moment to be exposed, maybe a bit jealous of not being able to go with the visitors and have some fresh air, as folktales did.

A few years have passed since then, and with the reopening of the Ethnological Museum and  the creation of the Museum of World Cultures, that hosts most of the collections of non occidental items belonging to the Ethnological Museum, many of these works of art can be seen in all its splendour in this new museum, located at the Nadal and Marqués de Lió Palaces, formerly occupied by the Museum Barbier-Mueller of Pre-Columbian Art and the Museum of Design, respectively.

The night of Saturday 21st Mai we celebrate the Museum Night with stories. For anyone who wants it, during the night visit to the museum you would have the choice to listen to one, two or more stories from word of mouth.

At the Ethnological Museum you will find the storytellers Patricia McGill and Albert Marquès. And at the Museum of World Cultures, Martha Escudero, myself, and if you are lucky, also Ignasi Potrony.

Saturday 21st May, Museum Night
Word of mouth stories
All night
Free entrance from 19 to 1h
Short stories told by word of mouth inspired by museum exhibits, by storytellers from the Associació de Narradores i Narradors (ANIN).
Museum of World Cultures of Barcelona
c/ Montcada 12-14
08003 Barcelona
Metro: Jaume I (L4), Arc de Triomf (L1), Liceu (L3)
Train: Arc de Triomf and Plaça Catalunya (Renfe)
Bus: 45, 120, V15, V17, 39, 51, H14, 14, 59, D20, 40, 42, H16, B25, B20
Bicing: Pza. Ramon Berenguer el Gran, Av. de la Catedral, c/ Comerç, c/ Gombau, Av. Marqués de l’Argentera
Ethnological Museum of Barcelona
Pg. Santa Madrona, 16
08038 Barcelona
Metro: Espanya (L1) and Poble Sec (L3)
Bus: 55
Funicular de Montjuic (from metro stop Paral·lel, lines L2 and L3)

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