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08/01/2018 - blog

4 years on. Four years that the Viladecans Storytelling Festival is going on, thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of a community of story lovers who have helped the seed of storytelling to grow and bear fruit.

Next Thursday 18th January I will be there, enjoying the meeting, listening to other voices, and telling some folktales and myths from our tallest brothers, the trees.

If you want to join us, see the program further down.

Imma Pugés Somolinos’ Memorial
4th Viladecans Storytelling Festival
Thursday 18th January
Viladecans’ Library
Multipurpose Hall
Av. de Josep Terradellas, 16
08840 Viladecans

stories for general public
17.00 a 17.30h: introduction and novice storytellers
17.30 a 18.10h: set of stories: PiñolVilaiCompanyia and EncantaContes
18.10 a 19.30h: 2 storytelling sessions: Teresa Monclús and Nona Umbert
19.30 a 20.00h: break
stories for adults
20.00 a 20.30h: introduction and novice storytellers
20.30 a 21.10h: set of stories: PiñolVilaiCompanyia and EncantaContes
21.10 a 22.30h: : 2 storytelling sessions: Susana Tornero and Pep Duran
22.30: farewell

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