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11/10/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català
Léeme en Castellano

Today the Tramontana is visiting us, the perfect match for doing the laundry. While I see my clothes dry by blowing in the wind, I tune my kokle and let my folktales to get a bit of fresh air for next Sunday’s performance at the Pedralbes Monastery: stories of washerwomen which remind us how hard it was to wash clothes by hand, and makes me think how much things have change since my grandmother’s days.

On that occasion, due to the new normality, it will also not be possible to tell the stories at the so-called “cat’s cloister”, where in the past the Clare Sisters used to do their laundry. For that reason I recommend you, before coming to the stories, to pay a visit to the cloister and imagine these women there, soaking, scrubbing and beating clothes, sharing stories to the rhythm of the washing paddle and the water splash.

We are indeed in October, month of two full moons, so I will seize the opportunity of telling and singing stories about the Midnight Washerwomen, just in case on the 31st, the second full moon of the month, you may have an unexpected meeting near the river. Because although it is true that many things have changed and we don’t go to do the laundry to the riverside anymore, the human necessity of telling and listening to stories remains alive as always.

Sunday 18th October at 12h
Tanta roba i tan poc sabó
Folktales and folksongs of washerwomen and water nymphs
For families with children +5 years
Entrance: 3€
Activity with limited seats, prior booking:

Monestir de Pedralbes
Baixada del monestir, 9
08024 Barcelona
FGC: Reina Elisenda (L6)
bus: 68, 75, 63

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