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appetizer of languages and stories
25/04/2018 - blog

The snow postponed the event, but now the day is near, and it seems it will be quiet in atmospheric terms. Next Thursday, 4 storytellers: Agnès Agboton (Gun and French), Yoshi Hioki (Japanese), Catherine Favret (French) and myself (Spanish and Catalan), we will tell in pairs or in groups stories in different languages. A creative and collaborative work in a particular «creative translation» applied to storytelling, followed by an informal chat about the making off of the performance. appetizer of languages and stories free entrance Thursday 3rd May at 11:30h Faculty of ...

orange and lemon bimbirimoies
- blog

This month, the bimbirimboies are of orange and lemon. This is what people think when they see it. But then, they taste different in the mouth of each person. If you want to taste them next week, I tell you where and when below. bimbirimboies! – folktales with kamishibai storytelling session in Catalan (Alt Empordà) from 4 years, free entrance Wednesday 2nd May at 18h Biblioteca Poble Sec – Francesc Boix C/ de Blai, 34 08004 Barcelona Metro: Paral·lel (L2 & L3) Bus: 20, 21, 24, 36, 61, 64, 121, D20 Thursday 3rd May at 18h Biblioteca Sofia Barat C/ ...

Grandmas that go and come back
23/04/2018 - blog

There is a lot to celebrate: it seems that spring has finally arrived, it is the day of the book and the rose, and on top of that, this year is also dedicated to Carles Fages de Climent, the great poet of Alt Empordà. If you wish, we can celebrate it together in my region, the Alt Empordà: on Wednesday in Castelló d’Empúries and on Saturday in  Figueres, with a story about three courageous grandmas which face the most extraordinary dangers, guided by poems from Montserrat Vayreda, Màrius Torres and, of course, Carles Fages de Climent. If you want to know the ...

storytelling jam session
20/04/2018 - blog

We are enjoying it, so we go on. Do you already know: every last Tuesday, at 20h. Spread the word. Tuesday 24th April, 22nd Mai and 26th June 20-21:30h Multilingual Storytelling Jam Session La Rubia C/ Ferlandina, 29 MACBA Square Barcelona 08001 Metro: Universitat (L1) Bus: H16, 55

change of date
12/04/2018 - blog

Due to the demonstration organized for the 15th April, the Botanic Garden of Barcelona has decided to postpone the Spring festival “Planta’t” that I announced you here until the 13th of May. I apologize for the inconveniences.

05/04/2018 - blog

Two days ago the hackberries of my street were all bald. Today they have little leaves of newborn green, and I feel a strange joy imagining that all of them have stretched at the same time, just when I was not watching. Nature always surprises me. And stories, too: magic orange trees, talking birds, white bees and trees longing for marriage…. The 15th April, I will be telling in the Botanic Garden all these stories to the trees and to anyone who wants to listen. Planta’t al botànic! Sunday 15th April, from 11:30h néixer, créixer i florir 4 miniworkshops of ...

03/04/2018 - blog

Bimbirimboies arouse curiosity and whet your appetite: they told me that recently at Clarà Library, where many families left the session repeating this word, savouring it in their mouths. It is one of this words that you would like to say aloud and let it dissolve in the distance. Now they are approaching the Besòs district, so be attentive to the cry of «bimbirimboies!» bimbirimboies! – folktales with kamishibai storytelling session in Catalan (Alt Empordà) from 4 years, free entrance Friday 13th April at 18h Ramon d’Alòs Moner Library Rambla de Prim, ...

Festival of Storytelling in 8 languages
28/03/2018 - blog

Languages live in me in a happy hodgepodge. Sometimes it is hard to remember in which language I spoke, felt, dreamt… It may seem complicated, but I don’t see it as a problem, but as a celebration. And celebrations are much better together: next week I am going to Belfast to participate at the Festival of Storytelling in 8 Languages, in the frame of a research project at Queens’ University of Belfast. On Friday, at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (Cultra) 5 bilingual storytellers will tell in our own languages in front of an audience willing to ...

Storytelling Jam Session
25/03/2018 - blog

If you are in Barcelona, this last Tuesday of March we also have storytelling jam session. Last month we had the privilege of listening Ignasi Potrony who was spending some days in Barcelona. Who knows which new surprises will bring us the next meeting? I can tell you that I will take with me a Latvian guest. So if you want to join the Homo Narrans tribe, see you at La Rubia. Tuesday 27th March 20-21:30h Multilingual Storytelling Jam Session La Rubia C/ Ferlandina, 29 MACBA Square Barcelona 08001 Metro: Universitat (L1) Bus: H16, 55

Travelling with Carles Fages de Climent
11/03/2018 - blog

The more I deepen in the work of the poet Carles Fages de Climent, the more synchronicities I discover. Lately he made me travel to the forest of my infancy through one of his poems: you can read a little article I wrote about it here (in Catalan). Next Wednesday I propose you a new trip: a storytelling session inspired and accompanied by the poems and landscapes of Carles Fages de Climent. And the Latvian kokle also will join the party, so there will be stories, music, poems… and a mystery to be solved. Wednesday 14th March from 20 to 21h Ballad of the enchanted ...