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Nomadic words
07/06/2017 - blog

Sometimes stories are to be found in the most unexpected places, like on a Wednesday sunset at the upstairs hall of a mysterious fondue restaurant hidden on a hidden alley in the Born district. There I will be on Wednesday the 14th with a bunch of folktales for those who want to listen to and travel with them. Wednesday 14th June from 20 to 21h Folktales, myths and songs to travel the world Language: Spanish Fee: 6 € (beer or soft drink included) La Carassa C/ Brosolí, 1 08003 Barcelona Metro: Jaume I (L4) Bus: 39, V15, V17

Listen to the Rāmāyaņa
01/06/2017 - blog

From the 5th to the 11th June takes place the Catalonia Art and Crafts Week. This year the guest country is India, and the Indian Cultural Centre, a NGO that works in projects of social inclusion for women, youngsters and children through the dissemination of Indian culture, will be there, too. They asked me to tell the a story I told them long ago: they never got tired of listening to it, like. Because it is always something new happening when you listen with all your heart, specially a story like the Rāmāyaņa. Indian folktales and myths Storytelling in Catalan by ...

Songs and stories in Scotland
12/05/2017 - blog

Here’s my first report of what it was a fantastic cultural immersion and experience in the Scottish Lowlands. To all my English readers, sorry for my mistakes in writing English, I will be very grateful if you inform me about any errors. Thank you very much to Pete Heywood for his fantastic black and white pictures! Friday, 27th April I fly from Barcelona to Heathrow and from there to Glasgow, landing in the Scottish lowlands, where Colin McAllister. He is an Irish storyteller and singer based in Scotland that I met at Baltica Festival 2015 in Latvia, and since ...

The mysterious suitcase
13/04/2017 - blog

A mystery just in front of my door. It seems a suitcase, but it isn’t, because when it opens, becomes something else. It has a strange name that comes from far away. And I think it is full of «bimbirimboies». What is this? If you want, I invite you to discover it together in week, at the library Vallcarca i els Penitents – M. Antonieta Cot. See you soon! Bimbirimboies – Stories with kamishibai storytelling session in Catalan (Alt Empordà) Storytelling: Susana Tornero Illustrations: Maribel Tornero from 4 years Thursday 20th April at 18h Vallcarca i ...

Stories under the trees
24/03/2017 - blog

Some years ago in Latvia, a friend told me that she was surprised to see that in my country, people seemed not to know well the name of their trees. This comment made me think about it: I considered myself more rural than urban, I could distinguish between oak, pine and olive tree. How could she meant that we did not know the name of the trees? After travelling a bit and visiting communities more closely linked with their environment, I noticed how wrong I was. I began to see and listen to the trees from another perspective, to wonder at any little detail they offered ...

Grandmas that go and come back
14/03/2017 - blog

Next week, the 20th March is the World Storytelling Day, and the day after, the 21st, the World Poetry Day. If you wish, we can celebrate it on Tuesday in Ribes de Freser, and on Saturday in Figueres, with a story about three courageous grandmas, a story packed with poems from Fages de Climent, Montserrat Vayreda, Magí Morera, Màrius Torres and Guillem d’Efak. If you want to know the adventures of Francisqueta, Marieta and Caterina, don’t miss it. Grandmas that go and come back Storytelling session in Catalan From 4 years Tuesday 21st March at 18h Terra ...

Stories of the Golden Corpse
21/02/2017 - blog

Every year, if possible, I try to tell at least one time the Stories of the Golden Corpse, and they always feel fascinated and moved by this folktales that in spite of the years, they keep a special magic and freshness, mixing motifs that seem exotic before our eyes, and others that are deeply intimate and shared worldwide. This year by chance, the 27th of February, the same week I will be telling this collection of Tibetan folktales in the Harlem Jazz Club, begins Losar, the Tibetan New Year, one of the most important festivals from Tibet, and the celebrations last 15 ...

Happy 2017
31/12/2016 - blog

They say in China that to watch to the moon makes you feel closer to those who are far away. So this time to start the year I bring you this little legend about the moon, very known in China as well as in Japan, to greet everyone, from far and near, that I have had the fortune to meet thanks to stories. As a Chinese legend goes, every night, when it gets dark, Yuè Xia Lǎo, the old man of the moon, comes down to the earth to tie a red string around the wrist of every newborn baby. This string connects all the people that the baby is destined to meet, and as he or she ...

22/11/2016 - blog

A couple of years ago, by the end of November, in the town of Montcada i Reixac they invite me to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day telling stories. And it is a real pleasure, as I always find hidden treasures in the bookshelves of the two libraries in town before beginning with the stories. This year I will bring stories that were told at the end of the day, around the fire. Or under the starlight, watching the fields during the harvest. Or maybe under the shadow of our big brothers, the trees. Next Wednesday 30th I will tell them at Elisenda de Montcada ...

Colin McAllister at Munt de Mots
16/10/2016 - blog

We are already in Autumn and soon it will be Samháin, the end of summer for the Celts. And talking about the Celts, this week visits us Colin McAllister, an Irish storyteller that I had the pleasure to meet last year in the Festival Baltica and who will be in Barcelona during the Festival Munt de Mots (here you have the full program) sharing his stories with everyone who wishes to listen them. I see Colin as a real «homo narrans»: on every step he takes a story arises naturally, as he has seen his parents, his uncles… in an environment where folktales, events and ...