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Performance cancelled

16/10/2020 - blog

Llegeix-me en Català
Léeme en Castellano

Unfortunately the storytelling session programmed for next Sunday 18th at 12 at the Pedralbes Monastery has been cancelled.
I hope to be inform you soon about a new performance date.
Here there is a little story as a way of apology.
Good night and good stories…

They say there was a little sparrow that when there was a storm, it used to lie on the ground and raise its little legs to the sky.
―What are you doing? ―asked the fox.
―I try to protect the Earth and all the creatures which live in it! ―answered the sparrow ―. If the sky falls down suddenly, imagine what a tragedy. That is why I raise my legs, to help holding the sky.
―And with these weakling legs do you want to hold the sky immensity?  ―answered the fox, laughing at the little sparrow.
―Here each one of us has its own sky,  ―answered the sparrow―, and its own way to hold it.

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