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stories in january

22/01/2021 - blog

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This month of January is time to stay at home and focus on little things, in possible and cozy entertainments, and they are more available than it seems. The new normality has proved fatal for on-site storytelling; stories, however, never die: they just transform and revive in an unexpected and, above all, a creative way.

Until recently I felt panicked for improvisation; maybe because I took it like a cough syrup that must to be swallowed than as a game for being able to relish better your more spontaneous imagination.

But confinement has also its good parts, and one of them was to discover virtual improvisation workshops, and also the project Historias de 10 contadas de cine thoroughly created by Mar del Rey and Simone Negrin, which offers us a blend of stories and cinema plus improvisation and the feeling of being into a screening room surrounded by friends.

This Sunday at 21h I will be there as a guest artist, telling one story about dead people and ghosts which I am very fond of, although this last words may sound a bit creepy. I hope you decide to come and become a loyal audience. See you soon!

Historias de 10 contadas de cine
Sunday 24th January at 21h
Mar del Rey & Simone Negrin
with Susana Tornero
via zoom
Free entrance, pay-what-you-wish exit
Book your seat at:

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  1. Rosi says:

    Estoy deseando oir los cuentos. Gracias.

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