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Stories of the Golden Corpse

21/02/2017 - blog

Every year, if possible, I try to tell at least one time the Stories of the Golden Corpse, and they always feel fascinated and moved by this folktales that in spite of the years, they keep a special magic and freshness, mixing motifs that seem exotic before our eyes, and others that are deeply intimate and shared worldwide.

This year by chance, the 27th of February, the same week I will be telling this collection of Tibetan folktales in the Harlem Jazz Club, begins Losar, the Tibetan New Year, one of the most important festivals from Tibet, and the celebrations last 15 days, that is why I think it is a most auspicious occasion to share again these stories that have survived a travle of 2000 years and thousands of kilometers to come to us.

Saturday, 4th March, at 20:30
Stories of the Golden Corpse (Tibetan folktales)
Storytelling session in Spanish
Ticket 7€ (5€ at Atrápalo)
Harlem Jazz Club
C/ Comtessa Sobradiel, 8
08002 Barcelona
Metro: L3 Liceu and L4 Jaume I
Bus: 18, 20, 24, 36, 57, 64, 91, 157

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