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IMG_0169sabir, sabir

Mi sabir un fabola.
Vos autros querir sentir?
Quando fabola finir,
mi tazir, tazir.

From the Mediterranean harbours to the Sahara shore, and beyond. Stories and melodies inspired in the fusion of Sabir or Lingua Franca. With Yerko Fuenzalida Lorca (kora, lyre and voice).

Performance for young and adult audiences
Length: around 1 h
Language: Spanish, Catalan and Sabir (extinct Mediterranean pidgin). (also in English or French on demand)
Educational: from 12 years and more.
You can watch some bits of the show visiting our YouTube channel Cosafazir



Folktales, myths and legends from different cultures of the world, presented in a simple, imaginative, accurate and powerful way by two voices (Ignasi Potrony and Susana Tornero).


Storytelling sessions for all audiences from 4 years old and over
Language: stories in Spanish and/or Catalan. Songs in Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Tibetan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Creole, English, Catalan, Arabic, Yoruba, Uzbek, Breton, Cherokee, Lakota, Sanskrit…
Length: around 1 h
Educational: from 4 years and more


tàándem, tales in free echo
Folktales and songs from all over the world

the thunderbird
Legends and mythic tales from cultures of the American continent

from Kyoto to Mumbai via Samarkand
Folktales and songs from Asia

kulungu kulungu
Folktales and songs from Africa

beyond the tramontana
Folktales and songs from magic places and creatures from all the world