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promotional photos
Photos from Mónica Prats Castellví, download for promotional purposes

storytelling in Latvia (April 2013)
Available in Spanish and English the travel account in the posts Storytelling in Latvia 12 and 3 of my blog

storytelling in Conakry (April 2011 and November 2012)
Available in Spanish the travel account in the posts De cuentos en Conakry and De nuevo en Conakry of my blog


storytelling in Mauritania (July 2010)
Available in Spanish the travel account in the posts Cuentos en Nouakchott  and Más cuentos en Mauritania of my blog



Performing Zuppa da pietra (Stone Soup in Sabir) in TEDxChange Barcelona, 3rd April 2013.

The Wolf Woman (European folktale)

Talking about folktales with A.R. Almodóvar in the TV show “Para todos la 2” (TVE), 21st December 2012.

The Golden Key (Grimm Project)

Jan and Guida (Grimm Project)

The Crystal Ball (Grimm Project)

Knoist Variations (Grimm Project)

The woodcutter’s children (Japanese folktale)

Carpenter Kunga (Tibetan folktale)

Listen to the Rāmāyaṇa (Indian folktale)


Interview about the show “Tales of the Golden Corpse” at Harlem Jazz Club, 8th December 2007 (in Spanish)
El Periódico (08.12.2007)

Review about the show “Palabras nómadas” at Spanish Embassy in Nouakchott (Mauritania), 5th July 2010 (in French)
Website Thiaski (06.072010)

Article about the show “Palabras nómadas” at Spanish Embassy inNouakchott (Mauritania), 5th July 2010 (in French)
La Tribune (12.07.2010)

Interview for the Alt Empordà weekly newspaper Hora Nova, 6th Mai 2011 (in Catalan)
Hora Nova (06.05.2011)