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storytelling in small circles workshop

For everyone who wants to tell stories at home, to friends, neighbours…
For all kind of people up to 6 years and over, without any previous knowledge in storytelling, because this workshop doesn’t aim to provide a specific training, but to facilitate a learning which extends from awakening an appetite and curiosity for stories, from fostering gradually the own resources.

Provided by Ignasi Potrony and/or Susana Tornero
Length: around 6 sessions of 2 hours each on alternate days
Language: Spanish and/or Catalan (English on demand)
Information material available for further details



sing me a tale
folktales and folksongs workshop

Stories and songs are really easy to carry: from heart to mouth, from mouth to ear, this is the way tales and melodies from far away come to us.

Folktales from here and there, along with songs and sounds from around the globe, to experience them in group and take away.

Workshop of stories, rhythms and songs from all the world for families. A meeting place to enjoy in group, active and presentially, telling, singing and dancing stories.

Provided by Susana Tornero
Length: to be determined according to each place and group
Language: Spanish and/or Catalan (English on demand)
Space: quiet place, without noise pollution, suitable for sitting on the floor in circle. The children should be accompanied by an adult in order to enjoy together the activity.